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Current Promotion

Promotion! RM 500 only.
Elusive mini couches + chairs boat.
(size of Thrones> <8 feet wide, 7 feet tall) suitable for the budget bride to the wedding or wedding.
Very affordable.

The So Beautiful couches.

  • Rental clothes facet (l + p) - MANY OPTIONS NEW COLLECTION
  • Complete bridal accessories (veil, Veil, crowns, necklaces, shoes - (female) (Set tanjak and besides, chain - (male)
  • Flowers hand
  • Umbrella 2 pcs
Design very carefully made.
Terms and Conditions :Method of payment for wedding packages.
  • Advance payment of 10% should be made for you if I agree with the package you want
  • Balance 60% must be paid no later than two weeks before the ceremony
  • Balance 30% can be made after the couches or after completion of the ceremony.
* All advance payments will NOT be returned if the event is canceled by the bride or bridal party @ customer to cancel the package has been agreed previously. He already is.


Special to the prospective bride. Get a body treatment packages / SPA "Special for the new bride" at attractive prices. Do not forget to come elegant, radiant, fragrant and full of confidence you happy Day and a special key to be my beloved husband. You can get this package on a SPA very comfortable and special. Please call for more information on the location of this SPA.

Promotional Price : RM290.00
Normal Price
: RM385.00

Special Package for brides NEW 
  1. Sauna lime + ginger
  2. Scrubs scrub (Whitening) 
  3. Flower bath + Orange (Bath to glow) 
  4. Relax Massage 
  5. Bengkung @ berbarut 
  6. Jamu drink 
  7. Facial Treatment (Collagen) 
  8. Spreads lotion 
  1. lime SAUNA ~ Aims to open the pores, gets rid of body odor, increased draw face and body, can help break down fats, can remove all the impurities or toxins in the skin, making your skin healthier and makes the hair grow fresh, heavy and able to get rid of dandruff. 
  2. 1 BODY ~ scrubs scrub helps to removes dirt, grime old, old scars fade, to make the skin beautiful, smooth, supple and bright. Removes dead skin cells and dirt on the body. Clears the hidden parts such as folding legs, knees, elbows and between the arms. • Reduces stress and fatigue. • Maintain energy. • Eliminates body odor and perspiration odor. Improves skin texture. • Reduce dehydration. 
  3. FLOWERS & Lime ~ MANDI Aims air in the body besides the skin. It is also said to maintain freshness and draw up the face. 
  4. SEQUENCE ~ Aims to improve blood circulation and will cause the body to feel refreshed. Provide peace for brides.
  5. Bengkung @ BERBARUT ~ For 30 minutes, can help to bulges, can help shape the body. 
  6. Drink Aimed JAMU ~ warm-up. 

Yus Yusof: 012-3902581

Boutique Address:

Anggun Mempelai Butik
No 17-2 Jalan Pulau Lumut P U10/p,
Seksyen U10, 40150
Shah Alam Selangor.

PRIME ** after UITM peak
Top ** DESPARK car service center


Hours of operation: Only by appointment (please SMS / call to make an appointment)

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